Sunday, November 27, 2011


Arrived into London on Thanksgiving Day.  Had the most bumpy flight ever -- we had tail winds of approx 240 miles per hour which made for a short flight, i.e. a short, but BUMPY flight.  It was one of the rare times while flying that I've actually started checking for the "little bag" -- and I don't mean "doggie bag".  Now, mind you, that didn't mean I didn't eat my dinner, drink my champagne, nor eat my brekky...!!!

Anyway, the holiday shopping season is in full swing here in Olde London Town and it's very exciting.  The high streets are teeming with shoppers, the streets are aglow with holiday decorations and lights and the shops are incredible.  That said, Harrods (not one of my favorite shops) was soooooo crowded that one could not move -- and I only went there in search of lamps for a certain person -- you know who you are!!!

Well, here are a couple of photos...I hope you enjoy...

The atrium at Fortnum and Mason (F&M)

Truffles at the Candy Counter of F&M

More of the F&M candy counter -- am I fixated???

The Main Food Hall at F&M

Another photo of the Main Food Hall...

An F&M street window -- mmmmm, Candy, Food, Wine -- what could be better....!!!

...and the madness which is Harrods at Christmas...

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