Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Am presently in Houston, Texas spending my holiday with my old friend, Dave.

Caught a 9:35 flight from Philly on 23/12/11 and arrived into Houston about 13:00 (1:00 P.M.).

Friday evening Dave prepared a lovely dinner of Deep-Fried turkey, stuffing and the trimmings.  We were joined by Allen, Louisa and Dave's neighbor Gary.

Saturday was spent doing some last minute shopping and then dinner at Annie's home with her children Allen, Louisa, Voleria and Dave's neighbor Gary.  Both Dave and I bought Annie and her family gift cards and thought that the kids would be disappointed with being handed an envelope with a card.  So, we stopped at a local grocery store and bought cans of sardines, mussels and packages of Ramin noodle soups and we taped the cards to the backs and/or bottoms of the cans and packages...the kids' expressions were priceless -- then they turned the cans over to find the gift cards!!!

Dave surprised me with a beautiful glass vase.  Actually, I had asked him to bid on it for me at the local auction, but he claimed he left his seat and when he came back the vase had already been sold!!!!

Well, Dave is preparing lunch right now, so will close until later.

Happy Holidays to all!!!